Where technology and human progress go hand in hand.

Technological advances shouldn’t be about money. And they shouldn’t be about control. They should be about creating a better world.


This planet — this world — is yours. It’s mine. It is Our House.

We are neighbors — living across the street, across the country, or around the world. We’re all on the same journey, walking each other home. And the only way we can make sure our home is protected — is here — is by coming together.

That’s how we, as a species, have produced the unimaginable. Tech that, year after year, moves faster toward the future. But we can’t drive without a vision. We must be sure the future we’re throttling toward is one we want to share.

Working together isn’t a new idea. Working together created a nation that stood as a shining light around the globe. A light of welcome. Of safety. Of hope. If we want to continue to shine that light — to earn the right to be trusted with hope — we must come together once again.

This is Our House.
We all belong here.
And we all deserve the future we were promised.

Let’s build it together. 

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Technology revolutions don’t end, they evolve.

From GPS to the internet, microwaves to the moon, Silicon Valley’s history is deeply intertwined with the US military.

It’s time to reinvigorate those partnerships that fueled us forward — and that will propel the next high-tech revolution. One people. One world. One beautiful future.

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